Managed PayFac : Options for SaaS platforms to leverage payments as revenue drivers

Managed PayFacs can be thought of as “sub PayFacs.” A true PayFac

assumes all of the compliance, regulatory and infrastructure costs. These costs can easily exceed 100k.

The Managed PayFac option creates a platform for you to leverage these tools and have your business act as a sub

PayFac without the significant time and expense of a true PayFac.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Soft Chamber 36 Inches 1.3 ATA

Our 36 inch Oxygen Chamber is feature rich and has all the builtin safety features one could ask for. Featuring inside and outside pressure guages and an emergency pressure release button. Two people can fit inside our 26 inch Hyperbaric Chamber. Our Hyperbaric Chambers all have a sturdy frame the keeps the unit supported when not inflated. This prevents the bag from falling on you while waiting for inflation of the unit.
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Tractor Zoom - Find Farm Equipment Auctions Near Me

Tractor Zoom at is a revolutionary platform that aggregates farm equipment auctions from multiple auction companies. Tractor Zoom makes it simple for buyers to find upcoming farm machinery auctions and search their inventory. Search tractor auctions for specific equipment like a 4030 John Deere tractor, or perform general searches around equipment type or function, such as combine or harvesting. Farm Equipment Auctioneers can advertise their farming equipment auctions and inventory on Tractor Zoom. Auctioneers that have taken advantage of advertising platforms like Tractor Zoom are able to get in front of a more intentional bidder and buyer pool, to show up when a buyer is searching for a specific type of equipment they’re interested in adding to their farm fleet.

Towing Near Me - 24 Hour Towing

Whether you are residing or are travelling in Los Angeles and in need of towing services, our Car Towing Los Angeles at is definitely what you needed to consider. Aforementioned is because our tow trucks are well maintained and are regularly check, ensuring that it would not bring any harm to your car. Our drivers are certified and trained.

Elite Lawn & Landscaping | Humble | Texas

If you're looking for high-quality lawn and landscape company serving Humble Texas, you can stop your search now. Elite Lawn and Landscape is a local business that has a new presence in Humble, TX and surrounding areas. If you're searching for a business that can help you take care of all of your outdoor needs, there's no better option around than Elite.
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Top 5 battery powered sump pumps

What is the Best Backup Sump Pump available on the market in 2018? We selected top rated and award-winning Battery Backup Sump Pumps, using reliable ratings.
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Why Your Amazon Fire Stick Keeps Restarting

The Amazon Fire Stick is a small device the size of a flash drive that plugs into an HDMI port of your TV. The Amazon Fire Stick enables any TV to stream content over WiFi such as Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Pandora, HBO go, and much more. Amazon Fire Stick restarting is a common problem among users. The main concern why Amazon Fire Stick keeps restarting is the power supply that your Amazon Fire Stick is getting.

Fixing Amazon Fire Stick Black Screen

Amazon Fire Stick Black Screen is one of the most common and annoying issue people face with the device. If your Amazon Fire TV device is showing a black screen, follow these troubleshooting steps. There can be multiple ways in which your Amazon Fire TV is not responding. It might freeze, show a black screen or doesn’t respond to controls.

How to Connect Amazon Echo to Computer

In the world of Home Automation, Amazon Echo is one of the most favored devices. Once Alexa app setup is done, you don’t require a smartphone or laptop to control the Alexa. But if you connect amazon echo to computer , it becomes more powerful and allows Alexa to control your PC. It takes the history window of your Alexa history from what you’ve been saying and it reads from a history window and does things on your PC. It can perform the search on Google, Yahoo or Bing. It can also do things like opening applications (Excel or online banking window) if you wanted to do your sums for your bills.

Amazon Echo Troubleshooting & Resetting

Amazon Echo devices can be a great addition to any living room kitchen or even a bedroom, especially in smart homes. Setting up Amazon Echo is quite easy. But once the initial setup is done there are very few changes that would be required. Your experience must have been pain-free so far. But small changes can create some troubles and your Amazon Echo device would need to troubleshoot to fix the issues. You can come across certain issues in Amazon Echo Troubleshooting & Resetting

Amazon Fire Tv Stick Troubleshoot

Amazon Fire Stick is a streaming media player that plugs directly into your HDMI port. You can connect to your HDTV and start streaming movies, TV Shows, songs, Hotstar, Netflix, etc. Disturbingly, with any technological advances, it has its own cliches too. These days the most common errors you might be facing in Amazon Fire Stick Troubleshoot are laid in our site.

Solutions to Resolve Aol Mail not Receiving Emails

Are you going through the constant struggle of Aol Mail not receiving emails? It can be really annoying when you are constantly facing the concern of Aol Mail not receiving emails.

The reasons could be many ranging from such as server error, email address or browser issue. Whatever the reason could be, it is very important to understand the cause and overcome the issue.

Effortless tricks to use Quicken for Mac

Quicken for Mac is a personal finance management tool which helps in managing your money. It helps in tracking principal amount and interest to pay off loans faster. You can consider different payment scenarios and you can optimize the taxes.

Methods of Yahoo Account Recovery

Have you forgotten the password of your Yahoo account? Are you not able to find the hacks for Yahoo Account Recovery? Visti at

Well, recovering an account can be really time-consuming process but following the guide in our site you can easily recover the one. Also, yahoo does not send you the password directly, you have to reset it using the methods in sites.

Methods of Yahoo Account Recovery

Have you forgotten the password of your Yahoo account? Are you not able to find the hacks for Yahoo Account Recovery? Visti at

Well, recovering an account can be really time-consuming process but following the guide in our site you can easily recover the one. Also, yahoo does not send you the password directly, you have to reset it using the methods in sites.

How to fix Norton Error 8504

You might come across that you are facing an issue of Norton Error 8504 . Majorly, the

error arises because you must be using Norton’s Download Manager software. The error

can also be caused by any other security product or an issue in the internet


Amazon FireStick Review

Earlier, there was no way to get the experience on the big screen. We used to rely on AirPlay feature or we have to fixate our computer with an HDMI Cable. Amazon FireStick Review will help you to understand Amazon fire Stick in a better way.

Beginers Guide on How to use Amazon Firestick

You have recently brought home a powerful streaming media device (Amazon FireStick) which plugs into HDTV and you can access thousands of movies, TV Shows, apps, and games but you don’t know how to use Amazon FireStick . You might have come across a hardware which lets you support Wi-Fi and it also comes with Quad Core Processor.

Fix Epson Printer Not Printing Black Issue

These days people have major concerns of Epson printer not printing black . The different kind of users are facing this issue because the printer is printing with black ink when color ink cartridges are expanded. But following few steps could save you the trouble.

Amazon Fire Stick Wifi Connection

The Amazon Fire Stick enables any TV to stream content over WiFi. Many Amazon Fire Stick users face a massive problem that the Amazon Fire Stick has WiFi connection problems. Many of the times the problem with WiFi connection is the firewalls. You have to turn off the firewalls right and the WiFi gets connected to your Amazon Fire Stick. Let’s dig in deeper and find out how the Amazon Fire Stick WiFi connection problems should be resolved.

Solution to Quickbooks

Get Support for QuickBooks Online. Solution to Quickbooks for Get instant help, advice & answers from the QuickBooks Online Community.

Beginner’s Guide on Norton Power Eraser tool

Norton Power Eraser tool is a free virus removal tool which can be downloaded to remove malicious and hazardous issues from your PC and it also helps in scanning and overcoming threat.

It scans the computer quickly to detect the computer viruses and installation is not required either. Also, it is suggested to carefully review the scan results before removing files. You can use Norton Power Eraser tool to review the files and undo them. Run the tool in the safe mode if you cannot start in the Normal Mode.

Agile Payments - Bill presentment and payments solution

A bill presentment and payment solution provides companies and organizations a web based system that allows their customers to lookup their billing and invoice information by entering in account related data; for example an account number or last name.

A bill presentment solution can differ from an electronic invoice solution in that an e-invoice solution delivers and invoice directly to the customer, where a bill presentment solution allows a customer to find their bill from a web page.

Both solutions off savings over more traditional methods of invoicing or payment acceptance. Customer service hours that are normally spent taking payment information over the phone can be significantly reduced or eliminated.

Payment modals can be credit card or ACH. ACH further reduces costs by way of processing fees reduction.

Contact Agile Payments to find out if a bill presentment and payments solution is right for your organization.

Portable Hydrogen Water Maker

Our Health Fountain™ Portable Hydrogen H2 Water Generator is NOT sold anywhere else on the Internet, but here at . There is an imitation technology out there that originates in China and is distributed all over USA and the world, yet it is the cheap imitation of the original patented electrolysis technology lacking the performance and the longevity of ours. As per our testing the imitation units will start breaking down only after 200 uses, releasing the traces of the unsafe foreign blue substance into the water and with the Cathode and Anode starting to chip away. The reason for this is because these competitors lack the very important patented knowledge on how to prepare their plates in a correct way for this to not occur. Unfortunately, even the most descent distributors are not aware of this occurring and think that as long as the Hydrogen Water Generator is not the "Naked Plate Technology" and it operates on the Electrolysis, and the SPE/PEM Technology,
that it is fine. Even though their intentions are fine, they lack the lab equipment for testing, as well as the depth of the knowledge needed in this field in order to understand this.

957RnB FM and GsquaredEvents Presents

Soul Music Festival at the Hampton Coliseum

Tickets available

Charge by Phone (800-745-3000), or purchase tickets
in person at the Hampton Coliseum Box Office.
Event Information: 757-838-4203

For Media Contact Tara Thomas
812-558-8882 mail at

And The Walls Came Tumbling Down book trailer

Are you in need of encouragement? In this book, readers are empowered to be authentic and own their flaws while relying on a personal relationship with God for inner transformation. The author promotes discipline and sacrifice in order to achieve life goals as she shares her story of being elevating through life.

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NewUlife HGH Gel introduction to HGH describes some of the many benefits of the NewULife HGH Gel at . Simple Transdermal process for maximum absorption at the cellular level.

Best Divorce Attorney Pensacola, FL | Collaborative Lawyer ( 850) 450-1755 The Best Divorce Attorney specializing in Collaborative Law in Pensacola, FL. is certainly Mary G. McDaniel.
Mary specializes in providing legal divorce settlement services to clients in and around the Pensacola, FL area using the principles of Collaborative Law. Collaborative Law provides a marriage dissolution process by which both parties to the divorce “Collaborate” to reach an amicable agreement on the most contentious issues like money, property and children during the process. When both parties agree that a divorce is in the best interest of everyone involved, the process can be much faster and considerably less expensive than a long and drawn out divorce where the parties are more combative. Florida Divorce Law is administered by the Florida Divorce Courts, but it can still be a very smooth and inexpensive process when the right Divorce Lawyer prepares the paperwork and filings in a collaborative Law manner.

If you have come to the conclusion that you are headed for a divorce, you really should consult an experienced Divorce Attorney and if you think you and your spouse are somewhere close to being on the same page, you should especially consider a Collaborative Divorce Lawyer like Mary G. McDaniel. Consulting with a divorce lawyer BEFORE you tell your spouse you want a divorce is almost always the best decision. There are many things that you can do to properly prepare for the moment you address the situation with your spouse that you probably have not thought about which can make the process go much more smoothly with as little trauma as possible. It’s always difficult to predict how your spouse or children or even your extended family will react when you announce that you want a divorce, so seeking professional guidance beforehand is always the best way to go about starting your divorce process. A Collaborative divorce approach with a qualified Divorce Attorney can make the entire process much faster and less expensive than traditional divorce processes.

Contact Mary today for your initial consultation by a Pensacola Divorce Attorney who specializes in Collaborative Law Divorces.

MGM LAW p.a.
4300 Bayou Blvd. Suite 37
Pensacola, FL. 32503
(850) 450-1755

SMS SPORTING - Your new go to store for all of your sporting good needs

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